Sunday, May 31, 2009

Long drive home...

Once again I'm preparing myself for a long drive back to Ridgecrest.   Its been an eventful weekend.  I attended my best friends birthday was crazy fun.  Now I'm back to being all about work.  I may stop by a gas station or a drive thru to get me something to eat and drink for the road.  Probably a soda to keep me awake! Can't wait till next weekend!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Technologies Explored

I have found that the new technolgies being explored in this class are going to be very helpful. I am having a great time using many of them. Twitter is a great way to legally stock someone. Blogger is something that allows you to get straight to the point, short and sweet. Podcasting is a great tool that allows a person to send personal greatings without having to be face to face. Podcasting also allows teachers a chance to create class lectures without haveing to be in class. Teachers are capable of lecturing and allowing children to download it on their ipods and mp3's. Its great for students who can not focus in class.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Google Doc

"Google Doc" is great, it allows you to Microsoft Office things with out being on microsoft. Man that is going to make a large amount of people happy because now they do not have to buy the software. Just use Google Doc. Its CHEAP, and CHEAP is always good. More so today with our bad economy.


Bloglines are great ideas and I am really glad that I have learned about this program. The program allows me to take many different blog sites and combined them into one place. This great because I was hopping from website to website to get all my information. Now sports, science and class things are all on one site. Man that is great.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Article 3 KIN 710

Article 3: The history of Go: Why I tech with ipods

I really enjoyed this article because Ipods are something that almost every student has or wants to have. We as teachers need to stop fighting the ipod genereation and find ways to apply ipods in the calssroom. Here are some interesting things:

  • Lets face it, iPods are eveywhere. Students are getting there hands on them and using them to their advantage. Cheating and storing information are on their top priority lists.
  • The article talked about how students can use iPods as a private tutor. They can put things on the ipod that will help them when a teacher is not around.
  • Ipods are more convient for students then text books. The article made me feel like it wanted to make the comment, "Ipods can store whole text books. They will eventually eliminate text books."
  • Ipods can be a great way for teachers to gain feed back on assignments by the students recording there answers/feedback.

Article 2: KIN 710

Article 2: Using podcasting as audio learning objects.

This article was really interesting, I enjoyed reading it. Some of the most important things I read were:

  • Podcasting can be a great tool for teachers in the classroom.
  • Conversations can be record in the classroom during class prodjects.
  • Lectures can be pre-recorded or record on demand in the classroom.
  • The ablility to record the lectures gives the teachers an oppurtunity to have learning taking place outside the classroom or at home.

Article 1: KIN 710

Article 1: Emerging technology changing public library service.

This article was kind of interesting, some of the most interesting things that I read was:

  • Podcasting is being used in Library's.
  • There are over 22 million iPods and Mp3's in the world today.
  • The article talked about how ipods and mp3 players can be used as a tool to help people learn.
  • They can be used as training tools, databases and online library resourses.
  • Ipods and mp3 players can be used as weekly updates for people.
  • They can also be a great tool for presentations.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Technology.

Some new technology that has interested me this week is called and External Hardrive. I new about the external hardrives but what I did not know was that they came in Terabits, which translated means 1000GB's. Man that is a large amount of imformation to store. I am going to get me one soon, very soon. Is that to much storage? Should I go bigger? What do you think?

Flickr pictures part 2

The pictures that were taken are part of my collection of the 2009 Bakersfield Hot Rod Nationals. There were some amazing cars. Check them out. THe names again are KIN710.

Flickr pictures.

Okay everyone who is a car fan, check out my pictures online. There are two different ones labeled KIN710. They are pictures of some really cool cars.


Man this bloggin think has been kicking my butt. I do not mind blogging, but with all th enew accounts being set up I kind of lost tract of which user names I was using.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting My Master's

I am getting my Master's in Physical Education. I cannot wait to complete the program and make more money.

First time blogger

I get how to blog, but who will see my blog??