Saturday, May 23, 2009

Article 3 KIN 710

Article 3: The history of Go: Why I tech with ipods

I really enjoyed this article because Ipods are something that almost every student has or wants to have. We as teachers need to stop fighting the ipod genereation and find ways to apply ipods in the calssroom. Here are some interesting things:

  • Lets face it, iPods are eveywhere. Students are getting there hands on them and using them to their advantage. Cheating and storing information are on their top priority lists.
  • The article talked about how students can use iPods as a private tutor. They can put things on the ipod that will help them when a teacher is not around.
  • Ipods are more convient for students then text books. The article made me feel like it wanted to make the comment, "Ipods can store whole text books. They will eventually eliminate text books."
  • Ipods can be a great way for teachers to gain feed back on assignments by the students recording there answers/feedback.

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