Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 Different Portfolio Websites

Were searched 3 portfolio webpages: Google.sites, Plaxco, and Linkedin

Google- You were able to create a portfolio from scratch and did not have the same as someone else.
Plaxco- You were given everything that you need to fill out and you fill in the blank. There was not to much information needed. Simple.
Linkedin- It was easy to follow and you were given only a little information that would get you started ad then you could fill in whatever you needed after. Long, but simple.

Google- TIME, TIME and MORE TIME. There was to much information need to do, you had to create things from scratch. Way to long.
Plaxco- You start out with the same layout as everyone else.
Linkedin- There is way to many areas to feel in.

They were all interesting but I would have to say my favorite is Google. Google was great because I got to create my portfolio from scratch. I did mind the time issue, but realized the time issue is only a one time thing so it is not that bad.

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